Steel & metals | Multidisciplinary services

SGB Aluma is a major supplier to the world’s steel industry. We specialise in industrial insulation, scaffolding, tracing, fireproofing, painting and blasting on raw material processing facilities.

Our teams are well aware of the logistical challenges on any production site and bring exceptional experience in providing effective service. In large industrial areas, there may be considerable distances to cover between the various plant sites, including coke ovens, pellet and sinter plants, blast furnaces, steel plants, hot and cold strip mills and gas holders. Our expertise in logistical planning ensures the most effective and timely delivery of materials and deployment of operatives to different factories.
Working on steel production sites also means that employees must be fully aware of the operating requirements of each plant. Our operatives are trained to work safely in dusty or dirty environments and in environments with extreme temperatures. Our teams are also well-versed in the risks of on site logistics, such as trains or conveyors.
The experience we have of designing and delivering solutions for high-temperature environments impacts our choice of materials. We only supply and fit high quality insulation capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1000°C. Our global network of stock and service centres of excellence, and our highly trained, expert teams, enable us to provide rapid responses for both scheduled turnarounds and emergency shutdowns.