Health & safety | Our commitment

At SGB Aluma, Safety comes first, always. Our absolute commitment to a safe work environment is at the heart of our operating system and our comprehensive and in-depth safety policies, systems and programs are designed to engage the entire workforce in the delivery of safe work on all our projects.

Five Pillars of Safety

Building a truly effective safety program is like building a sturdy home and begins with a stable foundation. At SGB Aluma, we believe in five pillars of safety, our EHS Management Process & Systems, which are the solid base for our outstanding safety performance and culture and aid in helping us create strategic and effective safety initiatives company-wide.

Employee Intervention System

Brand's incentive-based, voluntary Employee Intervention System (EIS) is our field employee behavioral-based safety program, utilizing the "Kaizen" method of continuous improvement.

Supervisor Observation System

The Supervisor Observation System (SOS) fosters an atmosphere of proactive ownership and accountability at the supervisor level through peer-to-peer observation and review, while affecting positive leadership development.

Management Safety Reviews

Management Safety Reviews (MSRs) are an integral part of Brand's safety system and are required by all management. MSRs employ the "Go See" method of management and are field observation based, allowing for much more than superficial understanding of the safety processes in the field.

Audit System

Brand's Gold Link Audit System is an in-depth and multi-level internal evaluation of a site's safety management system and processes through inspection, interview and documentation review.

Brand Learning Network

The Brand Learning Network (BLN) is our state-of- the-art web-based Learning Management System for compliance, regulatory, craft and career path training, making all training and education easily accessible to all Brand employees.

Our Safety Values

At SGB Aluma, we all work hard to ensure our employees come home in the same or better shape every day and that no one gets hurt, ever. With this value as the focus of our industry-leading safety culture, coupled with our award-winning safety record, we have come to know that Brand is more than a company with a great safety program, Brand is a safe company.