Shipyards & offshore yards | Multidisciplinary services

SGB Aluma is a recognised partner in many large naval and commercial shipyards, dockyards and platform maintenance docks and we understand that our maritime clients have unique requirements. From specifying details such as seawater resistant insulation and cladding materials, to designing the most cost-effective strategies for getting ‘back in the water’, we have the ingenuity and the resources to handle it.

Naval construction projects, whether for governments, companies or individuals, impose very particular demands. We work with special shipbuilding scaffolding systems that enable the contours of a vessel to be perfectly tracked. The system can also be constructed as freestanding to comply, for example, with the requirement for a ‘race standard’ paint finish in yachts. For additional accessibility, a complete range of staircase towers, aluminum towers, rope access, suspended access and aerial work platforms are available. For specialist finishing work we provide sealing solutions to create dust free working environments. In the case of shipyards where boats have to be moved around into different slots or docks, our operatives are on hand to dismantle and reassemble any access configuration with minimum delay.

Floating offshore units brought in to dry docks for repair, maintenance or modification require particular expertise in making workplaces accessible. Our track record in this field includes the provision and installation of specially-designed scaffolding throughout the unit, including the deck and internal floating elements, to facilitate replacement of equipment, piping, cable tray systems and ventilation ducts.

Offshore platform design and the spaces operatives sometimes have to work in are getting more complicated and compact. The pressure this creates is further complicated by the variety of disciplines and trades all working simultaneously during the construction or maintenance project, not to mention the strict schedule. Through years of experience, we are well-attuned to these scenarios and have a wealth of advice to offer in minimising inefficiencies and risks.