Painting & coating | Surface preparation solutions

SGB Aluma’s specialist surface preparation and protective coatings teams work to extremely exacting standards, using the latest technology to deliver advanced solutions to our customers. Our painting and coating solutions are not only available on site, but can be carried out in a controlled environment at our premises to avoid disruption to your operations.

Surface preparation

We offer a range of surface preparation solutions with varying work method approaches according to the specialities on site. This ranges from fine blast material such as glass bead for the removal of residues from highly sensitive equipment, to chilled iron and steel shot used mainly in areas where reclamation and re-use can take place.

Hydro blasting/UHP jetting

Our operatives are trained to the highest standards and our services are fully BSI compliant. 

Before applying protective coatings, standard high pressure water jetting is an excellent solution for the removal of contaminants from almost every industrial surface. Ultra High Pressure (UHP) jetting is an ideal surface preparation method for the removal of substances such as old coatings containing lead. As with all work undertaken in this environmentally sensitive area, we ensure full compliance with the Control of Lead at Work Regulations.

Specialist coatings

We are able to offer high quality solutions both on and off site, producing the ultimate standards of protection for today’s corrosion requirements. An extensive range of anti-corrosive resistant primers, build up coats and finishes, polyurethane and epoxy resins are available to produce excellent standards of protection for steel and most metal surfaces.