Food processing | Multidisciplinary services

In terms of plant, machinery and technology, the food processing industry is becoming more sophisticated every day. Standards of safety and hygiene are following suit. This is why SGB Aluma's first meeting with the client is so important in getting a detailed picture of the company, what it produces, and what the site specific requirements are for safe and hygienic plant installation, maintenance, review or repair. Our industry knowledge and experience help establish the compliance parameters that will govern our procedures, and choice of materials and tools.

Before maintenance projects can start, precautions have to be taken - machines and production lines must be physically shielded to prevent contamination or parts and materials getting into the production process. All our materials and equipment, including scaffolds, are specially cleaned before delivery and installation, and all our technicians wear protective clothing while on site, such as dust-free overalls, masks and overshoes. Air-flows, work-flows and waste-flows are also considered in an effort to reduce the impact on the working environment.

One of the food-industry’s key requirements is that dust formation must be prevented during insulation work. To comply with this, all our insulation and cladding is as far as possible pre-fabricated, and only non dust-forming materials are specified.