Pharmaceutical | Multidiscplinary services

In the pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnology industries, the implications of contamination mean that hygiene standards are even stricter than in the food industry. Operatives, materials and tools must all meet clean-room conditions. SGB Aluma has developed particular expertise and experience in this field, and our teams are specifically trained and practiced in working in pharmaceutical environments.

Before any project starts, our experienced team will take additional precautions ensuring we fully understand and appreciate all of the site dangers and risks. The maintenance site location is isolated using a special sealing unit and solution and kept under constant pressure. This prevents dust and minimises the risk of contamination to the production process.

All our technicians wear hygienic, dust-free, protective clothing. We use only fibre-free and dust-proof insulation materials, which are prefabricated off-site wherever possible. Air-flows, work-flows and waste-flows are all considered in an effort to reduce the impact on the working environment.

We will work closely with you to ensure that you continue to meet Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and that any production shutdowns or outages can be resolved as quickly as possible with our support.