Energy | Multidisciplinary services

Despite increasingly stringent environmental regulations and public awareness, the world’s consumption of energy is still rising. New power plants are being developed and the capacity of existing infrastructure is being upgraded. SGB Aluma has comprehensive, international experience and expertise in the construction and maintenance of major energy facilities. From low-rise gas-fired power plants and waste-to-energy (WTE) incineration plants, to high-rise nuclear, coal-fired and biomass plants, we have the experience required throughout the energy market.

Power plant sites impose particular demands for vigilance regarding safety. Working in the vicinity of high-voltage equipment, working at height, and working in high-temperature environments all require specific training, which has to be continually refreshed. All our operatives attend sector-specific training programmes and managers hold regular toolbox talks to ensure the individual security requirements of the client and the environment are respected and understood.

Our highly trained teams use their work at height experience to provide safe scaffolding and access solutions on some of the world’s tallest stacks and boilers as part of their daily routine. We also pre-assemble and deliver a range of high-quality insulating materials designed to cope with extreme temperatures.

Downtime for the power industry is expensive, even when planned. Outages are also detrimental as they impact instantly on the public. Our global network of stock and service centres of excellence enable us to provide rapid responses for both emergency shutdowns and the scheduled turnarounds that help prevent them. We are trained in and committed to supporting the plant through every phase of its life-cycle from commissioning to decommissioning and the life of the plant in between.